Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

  • District 885 coordinates and supervises all ECSE staff and programs and provides support staff such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, hearing and vision specialists.

    The ECSE program at St. Michael-Albertville is provided to meet the needs of District 885 children birth through age six who are identified as delayed in one or more areas of development. Classes emphasize the developmentally appropriate academic and social needs of the child along with the facilitation of sensory and occupational experiences.

    Birth to age three - Students receive home-based services.
    Three through six-year-olds - ECSE center-based program housed at Albertville Primary.
    Kindergarten - When ECSE children transition into kindergarten, support services are available at Albertville Primary School.
    Assessments, observations, parental and staff input along with the child's age and developmental age are considered when determining each individual child's program services. ECSE services may include assistance in one or more of the following areas: cognition, gross and fine motor, personal/social/behavioral skills, self-help/ functional skills, physical therapy, occupational therapy, adaptive physical education or speech/language.

    All children between the ages of 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 participate in early childhood screening before entering Kindergarten - as mandated by the Minnesota State Legislature. Screening is held several times during the school year at the St. Michael Community Education Center. The screening process tests a child's vision, hearing, and health along with assessing the child's developmental progress. Notices are sent out through the school district. 

    For more information regarding a young child's development, please contact the Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator.



    Kim Andres
    Special Education Supervisor

    Nicole Hydukovich
    Speech Pathologist
    763-497-2688 x 1212

    Kaija Kolles
    Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
    763-497-2688 x 1216  

    Rachel Johnson
    Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
    763-497-2688 X1327

    Nichole Opiola
    Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
    763-497-2688 X1215

    Stephanie Scherber
    Speech Pathologist
    763-497-2688 x 1309

    LeAnna Slivnik
    Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
    763-497-2688 x 1217

    Kim Stenzel
    Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
    763-497-2688 x 1119