All- Purpose Facility

  • The domed all-purpose facility is designed to meet the arts, academic, and athletic needs of students along with providing community access. The all-purpose facility will be used for PE classes throughout the day and after school for high school activities such as lacrosse, soccer, baseball, softball, dance, golf, and marching band. The dome will also be rented to community youth organizations (lacrosse, baseball, softball, soccer, etc.) and other community groups every weeknight and on weekends. To create additional community access, there will be designated time for community members to walk free of charge in the dome. The district also plans to use the dome for toddler/youth play during the day as well as partnering with local business and civic groups for dome use.

    See videos on the progress of the All-Purpose Facility below:

    February Update
    March Update
    April Update
    May Update 
    June Update
    July Update

    August Update 



    View bids for the tennis courts and All-Purpose Facility.


    Information about the soil correction that was completed on both the Ice Arena and All-Purpose Facility.

    Soil borings indicated that fill had been placed previously, and there was no record of compaction of the fill at the time it was placed. This is considered “uncontrolled fill.” In order to ensure that the facilities do not experience unexpected settlement, the fill that had previously been placed was re-excavated and put back in place with proper compaction methods and then tested. There was not any “contaminated soil.” There were some areas that had buried soils with high organic content (topsoil). These organic soils were removed from the site and replaced with imported material that meets the specifications for fill material.

Baseball Field, Softball Field, and Tennis Courts