Security Entrance

  • School safety and security are on the frontlines nationally due to unfortunate tragedies that have cost the lives of students and staff around the nation. An area of focus for the district is ensuring buildings are safe and secure for students, staff, and the community. Security best practices have evolved over time and there was a need to make changes to the entrance at the high school to maximize student and staff safety.


Twelve Additional Classrooms

  • The high school was built for 2,000 students. A July 2016 demographic study projects
    the high school to enroll slightly over 2,000 students in 2017-2018 with growth
    projected to be 2282 students by 2020-2021. An additional twelve (12) classrooms will
    increase the capacity of the high school to 2360.

    See videos on progress on the classroom additions below:
    February Update
    March Update
    April Update
    May Update 
    June Update
    July Update

    August Update

    Construction Date: September 2017 to July 2018