Middle School East Football Information

  • 7th Grade Schedule: Click Here

    8th Grade Schedule: Click Here

    Please note that schedules include games for MSE and MSW.

    First Week Practices
    Monday 8/26 8th Grade: 3:30 – 5:00 – Equipment Handout (Players only) – Short Meeting afterwards
                          7th Grade: 4:00 – 5:00 – Equipment Handout (Players only) – Short Practice afterwards
    Tuesday 8/27: 3:30 – 5:00 – Shorts, shoulder pads, helmet, and mouth guard
    Wednesday 8/28: 3:30 – 5:00 – Full Pads
    Thursday 8/29 thru Monday 9/2 - No Practice
    Tuesday 9/3 thru Thursday 9/5 – Normal after school practice in full pads

    We will practice Monday thru Thursday every week for the remainder of the season. Practices will end at 5:00 daily. We may practice on Fridays in the event of a cancellation on a different day that week. All schedule changes will be communicated through the players.

    Coaches Expectations
    1. Be on the field ready to practice every day by 3:20.
    2. Water a. We will provide water for home games and practices, do not bring your own. b. Bring your own water for away games as not all fields have water.
    3. You are responsible for your pads. a. Notify coaches of anything broken or missing at the end of any practices. CHECK YOUR PADS DAILY! b. Do not leave pads out in locker room as they will disappear.
    4. Please communicate with the coaching staff if you are going to miss practice. Unexcused absences will result in a loss of playing time. The best form of communication is by e-mail. The coach’s e-mail is listed on the school website. a. 1 unexcused absence is possible ½ game suspension b. 2 unexcused absences is possible 1 game suspension c. 3 unexcused absences is possible dismissal from team.
    5. Please remember that any problems with behavior or academics in school could lead to a loss of playing time. Away game procedures **Players must ride the team bus to games. **Parent/Legal Guardian may take their child after the game is completed. They must sign-out their child in a binder provided by the coaches. **A player may go home with another adult only if the parent of that player has contacted the athletic director with 24-hour notice. No exceptions.

    Coaches:  8th grade:  Mr. Mueller and Mr. Hegland;    7th grade:  Mr. Joriman and Mr. Rooker  7th/8th Grade: Mr. Olesen

    Sports Physical:  Players need to have a sports physical on file in Mr. Holler’s office.  Sports physicals are valid for three years. You need to have a sports physical on file in order to register through FeePay in ParentVue.

    Registration:  Registration is now open.  You may register online through a parent or guardian’s ParentVue account, clicking on FeePay, and then activities. You will need to fill out the eligibility form online and electronically sign it (parent and athlete).  You will then be asked to pay the $150 activity fee. If your family is on the reduced or free lunch plan, your fee is lower. The system should tell you how much you have to pay according to your lunch account status. If you think there is an error with the fee, please contact David Holler at (763) 497-2655 ext. 5.  Make sure your child has an active physical on file with the activities office or the system will not allow you to register.

    Behavior:  As an athlete for Middle School East, our athletes are ambassadors of our school.  As an ambassador of our school, we expect our athletes’ behavior to be exceptional.  We want our athletes to be positive role models for others to see and follow.

    Important Policies to remember:  

    • Students need to be passing all of their classes to be on the football team.  Mr. Holler will check to see if players are passing all of their classes at mid-tri.
    • Students need to be in class five full periods of the day in order to practice or play in a match that night.  Students with a doctor’s appointment may be excused from this requirement if they have documentation from the doctor referencing the appointment.  Make sure to bring this note from the doctor to MSE attendance secretary Ms. Anderson.
    • Your coaches will expect the players to be at practice every day.  Practices are after school Monday through Thursday until 5:00. Missed practices may result in reduced playing time.  
    • We will bus you to all road games and back to East.  You may ride home with your parents after road games rather than the bus if you wish.  You need to have your parent sign out with your coach if you ride home with a parent. If you are planning to ride home with someone else’s parents, your parents need to notify Mr. Holler of this one day in advance.

    Clothes:  Make sure to have warm clothes in your locker at all times.  There will be some very cold days in the fall, dress smart.