Middle School East Volleyball Information

  • Season: Monday, March 15th - Thursday, April 15th

    Pre-Season Information for Parents

    Volleyball Participation Calendar


    First Day of Practice:  Practices are held at Middle School East Monday through Thursday after school until 4:45pm.  Please pick up your child at East by 5:00 each night. A game schedule link will appear on this page around the start of the season.

    Coaches:  8th grade:  Mr. Odegard   and Mrs. Pearson
                    7th grade:  Mrs. Syverson and Mrs. Hary

    Sports Physical:  Players need to have a sports physical on file in activities office.  Sports physicals are valid for three years. A student with a three-year clearance that expires at any time from March 12, 2020 through the conclusion of the 2020-2021 school year will have the clearance extended through the completion of the 2020-2021 school year. You need to have a sports physical on file in order to register through SmartSchoolK12 in ParentVue.

    Registration: All Middle School sports registration is done online using ParentVue. The fee for Volleyball is $150.

    STMA has a new online registration system, SmartSchoolK12 also known as Affinety.  You will need to create a new account and add a funding source before registering.  Follow the instructions on the links below.  Please follow both sets of instructions to help avoid confusion.  Please note, when you register for activities one of the questions asks about online school.  In this case, online refers to being enrolled in a fully online school and does not represent distance learning. 

    Instructions for SmartSchoolK12/Affinety Registration

    Instructions to Add a Funding Source and Register

    Behavior: As an athlete for Middle School East, you are an ambassador of our school.  As an ambassador of our school, we expect your behavior to be that of a positive model for others to see and follow. 

    Important Policies to remember: 

    1. You need to be passing all of your classes to be on the volleyball team. Mrs. Schleicher will check to see if you are passing all of your classes at mid tri.
    2. You need to be in class four full periods of the day in order to practice or play in a game that night. If you have a doctor’s appointment, you may be excused from this requirement, but you need to make sure to bring a note to our attendance person from the doctor explaining that the appointment took longer than usual.
    3. Your coaches will expect you to be at practice every day. Missed practices may result in reduced playing time. 
    4. We will bus you to all road games, but you may ride home with your parents after a game rather than ride the bus back to school. You need to have your parent sign out with your coach if you ride home with a parent.  If you are planning to ride home with someone else’s parents, your parents need to notify Mrs. Schleicher of this one day in advance.

    Safety Measures

    • Families complete daily self health checks.
    • Staff complete daily self health checks.
    • If a student exhibits symptoms, the student will be isolated from the group, and the parent will be notified and asked to pick up the student.
    • Face coverings need to be worn at all times.
    • Students are separated into pods of no larger than 25. 
    • Students will come to school dressed for your activity.
    • Students will not have access to locker rooms.
    • Students need to bring all of their stuff out to their practice locations.
    • Students need their own water bottles labeled with their names.


  • East Volleyball Game Highlights from 4/15 at home against West

    Wow!  What a great end to the season.  The 8th grade Volleyball team took on MSW last night to end the season.   The B team started out the night with 3 great matches but came up short in all three games.  Great serving, defense, and offense.  However it was not enough to beat West.  The A team played great all around also and was able to take one game from West.  Awesome season ladies.  It was great to see the growth throughout the season.  Keep up the great work and good luck with your future endeavors.

    Congratulations to the 7th grade A volleyball team on their sweep over West last night! The East ladies offense was on FIRE! Alexia had 8 hits, Grace 7 hits, Sophia, Hannah and Gabi had 6 each, Karina and Kaylen had 3 each, and Kendyl and Lauren had 2 a piece!  Annie helped the team with her AWESOME setting and defense! The ladies also had some tremendous serving by Kendyl, Sohia, and Karina who each served 5 in a row! The ladies end their season 7-0! Nice work ladies!

    The 7B team took on West for their final game of the season and came away with another win! Leading the team with serves was Claire with 10 points, followed by Ameila who earned the coveted 5 serves in a row title! Ashley and Lindsey were talented at setting, earning many assists! Natalia led the team with 5 kills, followed by Kaitlyn with 3 and Jordyn with 1. Strong defense came from Sam, Nora, Janelle, Tiah, and Anna. Coach Hary would like to remind you all that while you will be an athlete for a handful of years, you will be a human for all of your life, so be kind always! Congrats on a winning season Lady Knights!

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  • East Volleyball Game Highlights for 4/13 at home against Isanti
    The 8th grade Volleyball team hosted Isanti last night and was victorious winning all 6 games.  Great offensive play by Payton E. and Ava V. led the way.  After a slow start, strong serving proved too much for Isanti to handle.  Elise N., Alana B., and Maggie B. were strong servers while Sophia S. and Rose S. played great defense.  Awesome job ladies.

    The 7th grade Lady Knights came away with a full sweep, 6 games to none.
    For the 7A team, Sophia was on fire for both offense and defense. She was quick on her feet with defensive coverage and hot on the net, leading the team with 3 kills. Lily, Kaylen, Alexa, and Hannah all pulled away one kill while at the net. Alexa, Sophia, Annie, and Gabi served 5 serves in a row, with Kendyl serving 5 serves in a row 2x!

    The 7B team worked hard on their defense with big help from Ameila, Tiah, and Lindsey. Jordyn was aggressive at the net, and Natalia and Claire came away with one kill each. Serving 5 serves in a row came from Sam with Kaitlyn earning this 2x! Great work by both teams, they take on West on Thursday for their final game of the year!
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  • East Volleyball Game Highlights from 4/12 at home against Cambridge
    The 8th grade Volleyball team hosted Cambridge last night and came out victorious winning all 6 games.  Strong serving, great defense, and aggressive offense was the key to the wins.  Awesome job ladies.

    7B beat Cambridge on Tuesday 2 games to 1. Natalia, Nora, and Jordyn were all aggressive at the net. Anna helped the team with her strong and consistent serves. Sam and Tiah were aggressive passers to help keep the team in the game. Great teamwork Lady Knights!


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  • East Volleyball Game Highlights for 4/8 at home against West
    8th grade Volleyball traveled to West last night and battled a good team.  In the end, the Volleyball team ended up 1 and 5.  All games were very exciting as the ladies played hard and kept battling back.  The B team had great serving by Marlee M. and awesome net play by Olivia G. backed by great defense kept the lady knights close.  
    The A team took the first game from West with great serving by Faith J., Molly J., Greta D., and Chloe O..  Awesome defense by Reese G. and Madison E. kept rallies going.  Fantastic job ladies on 6 exciting games.
    Congratulations to the 7th Grade A and B Volleyball Teams on their wins over West last night! Both the 7th Grade A and B teams went 3-0 to defeat West. Way to go ladies! 
    The B team had some great hits from Natalia and Lindsey who each had 2. Kaitlyn and Claire both also contributed a nice hit each to the offense.Kaitlyn had a nice dig on defense. Anna, Tiah, Ashley, Jordyn, Janelle, Nora, and Amelia all contributed to the Knights offense with their awesome serving! The A team had some awesome hits by Hannah, Gabi, Alexa, Grace, Kendyl, and Lily. The Lady Knights were led with outstanding serving from Alexa, Lauren, Kaylen, and Annie who all had 5 serves in a row.  Karina and Grace helped up the team with their scrappy defense. Way to go ladies!  
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  • East Volleyball Highlights from 4/6 at Cambridge
    The 8th grade volleyball team traveled to Cambridge Tuesday and came home victorious 6 games to 0.  Everyone played great games with exceptional serving by Madison E., Amayah G., Kayla W., Brooke V., and Emma W.  Great defense by all and strong offense was too much for Cambridge.  Awesome job ladies.
    Congratulations to the 7th grade A  Volleyball team  on their win over Cambridge Tuesday night! The ladies' serves were amazing with Lily, Kendyl,Kaylen, Hannah, and Karina all serving 5 serves in a row 1 time. While Grace served 5 serves in a row twice.  Gabi,  Annie and Kendyl all had a kill each while Lexie and Sophia got 2 kills each! Claire and Lauren were scrappy on defense.  The ladies all came together as a team to overcome Cambridge 3-0! Nice job KNIGHTS!

    Kudos to the 7B volleyball team as they took on Cambridge Tuesday night and came away with 3 wins to none. Serving hot for the team were Tiah N. and Kaitlyn M. earning 11 points each, followed by Nora S. and Janelle O. with a combined 11 points. Helping the team with some awesome defense were Natalia C., Lindsey E., and Ashley M.. Great teamwork Lady Knights!
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  • East Volleyball Highlights from 4/2 at Isanti
    The 8th grade volleyball team traveled to Isanti on Thursday and came home victorious.  The B team won 2 out of 3 games with their only loss being an exciting finish of 27 to 29.  Great defense was played by all with strong serving by Faith J.. 
    The A team won all 3 games with great serving by Amayah G. and great all around team play.  Way to go girls.

    The 7th grade A volleyball team swept Isanti  last Thursday! Way to go Ladies!

    Congrats to the 7B volleyball team for the win against Isanti last Thursday! The team won 3 games to none. Ameila R. helped the team with an aggressive kill at the net. Both Janelle O. and Nora S. led the team with their serves, earning 10 points each! And, Anna B.was a hot defender with her passes. Great job Lady Knights!
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  • East Volleyball Highlights against Buffalo Tuesday Night
    The 8th grade Volleyball team hosted Buffalo yesterday.  The A team came away with a 3-3 split. The girls played very well in their first match with Olivia G. getting some key blocks and strong serving by Molly J., Grace K., Anna T., and Kayla W.  Awesome job ladies.

    The 8th grade B team won 4 out of 6 games against the Bison. Maggie B. served 18 points against Buffalo.  Leah S. & Sophia S. were also on fire serving over 8 points each.  Elise N. and Rose S. were hot at the net tipping and making points for STMA.

    Congratulations to the 7th Grade A Volleyball Team on their 4-2 win over Buffalo last night! Way to go girls!

    Congratulations to the 7th Grade B Volleyball Team on their 5-1 win over Buffalo last night!  Way to go ladies!
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