Middle School East Volleyball Information

  • Competition: 2022 8th Grade Volleyball Game Schedule

                           2022 7th Grade Volleyball Game Schedule

    First Day of Practice: Volleyball will start on Tuesday, September 6th. Players should bring shorts, tennis shoes, and a water bottle. Returning 8th graders should bring their jerseys. Knee pads are recommended, but not required. Players should change in the locker room and meet the coaches in the large gym. Practices are held at Middle School East after school until 5:00.  Please pick up your child at East by 5:15 each night. 

    Coach: 7th Grade: Ms. Hayden (kennedyh@mystma.org) & Ms. Ellsworth (kathleene@mystma.org)

                8th Grade: Ms. Dolan (megand@mystma.org) & Ms. Juneau (jocelynj@mystma.org)

    Sports Physical:  Players need to have a sports physical on file in the activities office.  Sports physicals are valid for three years. You need to have a sports physical on file in order to register through SchoolSmartK12 on ParentVue.

    Registration: Registration will open online on Thursday, July 18th.  Registration information will be emailed to parents and guardians at that time. The activity fee is $187.50. If your family is on the reduced or free lunch plan, your fee is lower. The system should tell you how much you have to pay according to your lunch account status. If you think there is an error with the fee, please contact the MSE Activities Director at (763) 497-2655 ext. 3003.  Make sure your child has an active physical on file with the activities office or the system will not allow you to register.

    Link to Instructions for SchoolSmartK12 Registration

    Link to Add a Funding Source and Register

    Behavior:  As an athlete for Middle School East, our athletes are ambassadors of our school.  As an ambassador of our school, we expect our athletes’ behavior to be exceptional.  We want our athletes to be positive role models for others to see and follow.

    Important Policies to remember:  

    • Students need to be passing all of their classes to be on the Volleyball team.  The MSE activities director will check to see if players are passing all of their classes at mid-tri.
    • Students need to be in class five full periods of the day in order to practice or compete that night.  Students with a doctor’s appointment may be excused from this requirement if they have documentation from the doctor referencing the appointment.  Make sure to bring this note from the doctor to MSE attendance secretary Ms. Bergen.
    • Your coaches will expect the players to be at practice every day.
    • Missed practices may result in reduced playing time.  


  • MSE Volleyball Highlights from October 18th against West
    The 7th Grade A volleyball team dominated over West last night winning all 6 sets.  Every player played fantastic to make it a great team effort!  It was the perfect way to end a great season!  The team ended with an overall record of 7-1-1. Coach Hayden and Coach Ellsworth were impressed with the whole 7th grade team.  They were great athletes, hard workers, very coachable, and most importantly, great kids.  These girls will go far in life and are second to none.  The coaches are so proud of all 29 of the girls. 
    The 7th grade B volleyball team won their last game last night against West. We had killer serves from Sydney E. and Coral T. and good touches and passes by Madelyn P. and Evie N. The team had such positive attitudes last night and showed so much overall improvement. Great season ladies!
    8A Volleyball split with West yesterday. The girls played great, especially after missing 2 days of practice. Sadie, Arden, Lexie, Greta, and Esme had hot aces that West couldn't touch. Greta had two blocks against West's strong middle player. Addi, Lexie, and Giana had some of the best kills of the game. Presley showed great leadership at the net saving the ball many times. One of them with an amazing dig out of the net by our setter Kaidyn.  Alexa and Briana were aggressive in the back row, along with Esme who pulled through with a winning game-point dig! And Julia once again had some strong back row attacks. Thanks for the great season ladies!

    8B Volleyball came out hot last night, taking down middle school West in the first game of the set 25-23. East ended up dropping the overall set 2 games to 4, but showed great volleyball skills throughout. Lindsey B had 16 'aces' on the night and Emily R was close behind with 12. Lily H had a killer block at the net, and Peja V had a huge spike, following a great pass/set combo from Addi R and Sam N. Great season, Knights!
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  • MSE Volleyball Highlights from October 11th against Monticello
    7th grade B team tied Monticello last night in a tough fight. We had some killer serves from Sydney E. and Makayla H.. We had great touches from Kendra Z. and Talen S.. The team put up a great fight!  
    Tuesday night, 8B played hard, but fell short to Monticello 2-4. Peja V was a spiking machine, tallying 7 kills for the night. Maddie W and Emily R played great defense, and Sam N helped to win game 5 with an overtime serve. Middle School East plays their last game of the season next Tuesday at Middle School West - Hope to see you there! 
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  • Volleyball Highlights from October 10th against Buffalo

    8B has been playing some of their best volleyball this season. On Monday, they took down Buffalo with a huge 5-1 win. Amanda K, Lindsey B, and Chloe K continue to lead the team in serving. Lily H returned to play after an injury, and made it known with 4 kills. Addi R ended game 5 with a huge defensive block to take the win. 

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  • MSE Volleyball Highlights from October 6th at Becker
    The 7th A volleyball team suffered their first season loss, going 1-2 against a very strong Becker team.  There were several highlights among all the players, but they just couldn't pull it out.  The team was led with some great serves and passes from Ella C.  Kennedy M. also was strong from the serving line and was strong in the front row.
    STMA 8A volleyball beat Becker last night 3-0. Julia had a great back row attack and block at the net. Alexa had a strong line kill. Arden showed great determination with her game saving pass to get the ball back in play in the second set. Addi also had a strong kill but showed more leadership when she came into the third game and turned the game around with her wicked serves. On Tuesday, Addi had the game winning serve against West, but last night it was Esme who had that honor to end the game with an Ace. Great job ladies and good luck at your game on Monday!   
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  • MSE Volleyball Highlights from October 4th against MSW
    8B took on Middle School West last night, playing hard but falling 2-4. The team played some of their best volleyball - getting a continuous pass/set/spike 21 times! Amanda K led the team with 21 serves, with Chloe K right behind her with 17 serves. One of the biggest hits of the season came from Addi R who was set up with Chloe B and Sam N. Keep up the great work girls!   
    The 7th A Volleyball team tied with West on Tuesday.  The team played well from everywhere, but the service line.  Kylie S. had great all round play and hustle.  Kendal O. had great serves and hits.  The team is excited to have a rematch with West on the 18th for the last game of the season.
    The 7th grade girls B volleyball squad took down West last night. We had some great plays from Makayla H. and Evie N. and some killer serves by Sydney E. and Madelyn P.
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  • Volleyball Highlights from October 3rd against Big Lake​

    8B Volleyball played hard last night, but dropped the match 1 game to 2 to Big Lake. Emily R has shown great improvements in her serve receive, which really showed last night. Peja V was big at the net, with multiple spikes on the night. The play of the night started with a pass from Sam N to Chloe B, who set up Annika M for a great hit.

    8th grade Volleyball played Big Lake Tuesday night. Julia started the games against Big Lake with a hot ace and later on a solid back row attack. Sadie was on fire with 10 straight serves and Briana soon followed with 7. Even though BIG Lake had already started celebrating a kill, Gianna said- not today and had a great quick dig to get us the point. Kaidyn, Esme and Alexa had a few solid aces throughout the games. Alexa also got a wicked kill. Overall the Knights swept the ​Hornets winning all three games. Good luck tonight ladies against West. Remember East is beast!

    The 7th Grade A Volleyball team won 2 out of 3.  The team was led by Delaney S's great serves and hits.  Taelyn T. also served very well and is quick to the ball.  The whole team had consistent play and continues to work hard. The 7th grade B volleyball team came out of top yesterday after 3 well played games by everyone. The team was aggressive and played hard to get the win!
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  • Volleyball Highlights from September 29th against Big Lake
    The 7th grade A Volleyball team had three tight sets, but were able to win all 3.  The team played great!  Rylee L. did well getting to the balls on defense and set up some good plays in the front row.  Elise S. did a great job reading where the ball was going and making some great passes.  
    Girls 7th Grade B team volleyball won all 3 of their games against Big Lake! We had amazing hustle and touches on the ball by Addison Y. and Gisell D! Also great leadership skills were shown by Kendra Z!
    8A volleyball swept Big Lake last night! The night was filled with aces by Kaidyn, Giana, Sadie, Briana, and Alexa- they had over 20 aces combined. Addie had a hot kill and Giana and Julia had some strong back row attacks. Kaidyn also showed off her setting skills and tipped the ball right into the dead spot for the point. Great job Knights! we will show Big Lake again that we can beat them on their turf on Monday.
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  • Highlights from September 27th against Buffalo
    7th grade A Volleyball came out on top of Buffalo winning 4 out of the 6 sets.  The team was led by strong improved play from Collette F. She was a great all around player.   Ali T. was impressive from the serving line, passed great, and made some nice net plays.
    8B Volleyball brought great effort to their game last night, but fell to Buffalo 5-1. Amanda K's serves started a comeback in game two, eventually winning the game 28-26. Annika M and Chloe K continued the trend throughout the match with more amazing serves. The play of the night started with a dig from Chloe B to Emily R, who set up Sam N for a kill. Great work, team!  
    8A volleyball was split into two teams last night to play Buffalo.  Team 1 won 4 of 6 sets with some great kills from Sadie and strong blocks from Greta. Kaidyn served six aces in one during one of the games. Lexi and Addi had a lot of point saving digs. Thank you to Ms. Murray Vedders for coaching. 
    Team 2 had a tough loss to Buffalo but Gianna was for sure on fire! She had 8 Birthday aces and kill after kill. Lindsey could always be counted on to score a few points every time she served. Peja was pulled up and showed buffalo her tough blocks. Esme also can't be forgotten with her 3 blocks to keep buffalo from hitting. Julia did a great job playing as the courts only setter and ran her tail off, and Presley played right side for the first time and played maybe her strongest yet! Great job last night ladies playing a full six sets the whole time through! 8B Volleyball brought great effort to their game last night, but fell to Buffalo 5-1. Amanda K's serves started a comeback in game two, eventually winning the game 28-26. Annika M and Chloe K continued the trend throughout the match with more amazing serves. The play of the night started with a dig from Chloe B to Emily R, who set up Sam N for a kill. Great work, team!
    Thank you to our student cheering section at 8th grade volleyball last night!

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  • Highlights from September 22nd against Monticello

    The 7th grade A volleyball team went 4 and 2 yesterday against Monticello.  Everyone on the team had great contributions. Kennedy M. had some great leadership and plays for the team and Morgan B. had some much-improved serving at key points in the match.

    8th Grade A volleyball remains undefeated as they took on Monticello last night, in what some would maybe call "the games of the century." Not all, but one might. The Knights were on fire! with 14 kills by Alexa, Arden, Briana, Julia, Addie, Lexi, Esme, Presley, and one game-winning kill by GIANNA. Amazing back row attacks by Lexi and Julia.  Alexa, Briana, Gianna, Kaidyn, and Greta were putting the magic defense in their place with their untouchable serves. Our setters Kaidyn, and Saddie had some great placed tips over the Monti blockers. But none of the blocks in the game could compare to our own Julia who shut down TWO HITS by Monticello with her strong blocks! Great job ladies!!

    The 8th grade B team came out hot last night, taking down Monticello 4-2. Chloe K ended game 3 with 5 serves in a row. It was a full team effort to take game 4. A great pass from Chloe B and set from Sam N led to an amazing kill from Addi. Peja V shut down Monticello's offense with great defense and Amanda K sealed the win with 3 back to back to back aces. Keep up the great work, Knights! 

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  • East Volleyball Highlights from 9/20 against Becker

    Last night, the Knights took on the Bulldogs for their first 8A volleyball game, and they trained those pups in all three games. Esme, Arden, and Lexi had some great kills at the net. Lexi took on a new position and still got the kills. Arden also showed off her serving skills with a 10-serve run. Addi, Esme, Kaidyn, and Saddie showed the pups a few aces. Great job taking the win in all three games ladies.

    8th Grade Volleyball B team did a great job during their season opener, with many girls playing in their first ever volleyball game. Gretta W. set the pace with multiple ACES and Peja V. let the defense with great serve receive passing. The play of the night came from Sam N. who set up Amanda K. for a stunning spike. 8th grade will be at home again tomorrow to take on Monticello - good luck Knights! 

    The MSE 7th grade volleyball teams won 5 of their 6 games on Tuesday night. The girls were excited, and all played well!  Danni Z. and Coral T. had some great diving plays.  Audrey B. and Ella C. were strong from the serving line, helping lead their team to victory. With lots of support in the stands and happy parents, it was a great night. 
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