Student Guidelines

  • In order to maintain an environment that is safe and inviting for everyone, we do not allow the following actions:

    1. Physical aggression – physical contact that has not reached the fighting stage (tripping, pushing, etc.)
    2. Physical assault – fighting, punching, hitting, kicking, etc.
    3. Verbal assault - verbal exchanges including swearing, and/or yelling directed at another person.
    4. Bullying or Cyberbullying – intimidating, threatening, abusive, or harming conduct that is offensive and materially and substantially interferes with a student’s educational opportunities or performance or ability to participate in school functions or activities or receive school benefits, services, or privileges.
    5. Threats of violence
    6. Harassment – participating in, or conspiring with others to engage in harassing acts which threaten, embarrass, or degrade others. Racial, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory language will not be tolerated.
    7. Theft
    8. Vandalism
    9. Gang representation or activity
    10. Insubordination – refusal to follow reasonable requests of staff
    11. Consistent disruptive behavior
    12. Leaving the building during the school day without permission from a staff member
    13. Plagiarism or any form of cheating.
    14. Use of cell phone during class without permission of the teacher. Teachers may let you use the internet for class research purposes, but permission must be obtained.

    In order to maintain an environment that is conducive to learning and free from distraction, we do not allow the following items:

    1. Inappropriate attire – this includes sunglasses, sagging pants, low cut shirts, and coats or any clothing that displays obscenities, racism, profanity, or substances illegal for those under 21.
    2. Weapons – 10-day suspension with the possibility of expulsion.