Printshop Guidelines

  • Karen Zachman-Printshop Operator 

    Cindy Kisch- Printshop Assistant

    Extension 4424


    What are the goals of this initiative?

    • The goal is to print and copy to the most cost-effective device available. This means shifting printing from laser printers to copy machines and utilizing the high-speed copier in the District print shop as efficiently as possible. The higher the volume of copying on the print shop copier, the lower the overall cost for the District.
    • A secondary goal is to submit all copy jobs electronically.
    • All staff will learn how to scan and submit copy jobs electronically.


    How many copies can I make at local printers and copiers in my building?

    • On laser printers, we are asking people to only make 1-2 prints.
    • On local copiers, we are asking people to make up to 15 copies.
    • All other jobs should be sent to the print shop.

    Please do the following:

    • Send any job to the District print shop if it is more than 15 copies.
    • Send tagboard and construction paper with your job to the print shop. Send all the originals to Karen Zachman; Scan the document and put the type of paper in the special instructions portion of the job ticket. (This is the preferred method.)
    • When submitting documents, they need to be in the proper format. (i.e. they need to be scanned the way you want the finished product to look.) If you have complex jobs, please ask your building key contact person for assistance. Examples of complex jobs would be – booklets, submitting a few pages from a couple of documents as one job, a color copy job, and reducing or enlarging jobs to fit on a different size of paper. The people listed below are the key contacts in each building. If you have questions they will be happy to help you.
      • Albertville Primary - Randee Woodis
      • St. Michael Elementary - Denise Daleiden
      • Big Woods Elementary - Carol Newman
      • Fieldstone Elementary - Kristina Kampa
      • Middle School East - Dona Zachman
      • Middle School West - Nancy Eull
      • High School - Jane Lynch
      • Community Education Center – Mary Chabot
    • You can send several jobs under one ticket, but they must all have the same requirements for copying. (i.e. same number of copies, same attributes-back-to-back, staple, paper color, etc.)
    • You can get your jobs ordered in sets. The only thing to remember is the sets must be the same size. (i.e. 100 copies in 5 sets of 20-not 21,22,18,19,20). Enter the total number of copies in the quantity and put the number of sets in the special instructions portion of the job ticket.


    Please refrain from doing this:

    • Don’t run classroom sets on laser printers. This really defeats the purpose of this whole initiative. If you run into an emergency and do not have enough time to send your job to the print shop, make the copies on the copier in your building rather than a laser printer.
    • Making copies on the scanning copier units in these buildings should be used only in emergency situations - AP office, MS office, and teacher workroom, HS teacher workroom, and CEC office. The reason for this is that the main function of these machines is to scan originals and we have to pay a per-copy fee for copies on these machines.

    Other information:

    • A color copier is available in the print shop. If you need color copies, please send it to Printshop in the same manner as you would submit a regular copy job and put the color copy request in the special instructions.
    • At the elementary level, a successful strategy has been to have one person submit copy jobs for the entire grade level team or split the jobs up by subject (math, language arts, social studies, etc.).
    • If you are wondering how to get started-please start with the worksheets or handouts that you know that you will need and then progress to the more complicated jobs.
    • The default turn-around time is 2 days. You must select a date when submitted your job. If you do not need the job for a week or two, please indicate this by choosing a date to reflect your needs. This will help the print shop organize the jobs more efficiently.
    • Files will be saved in the Digital Storefront system for 120 days. We have calculated the storage space requirements and we can only keep the documents on the system for 120 days. This will allow secondary teachers that may teach the same course the second semester to reorder copies from the order status menu, which will be quicker than going through and creating a new job ticket.


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