Password Policy

    • Staff passwords are required to be changed every 90 days.
    • Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters.
    • The password must contain 3 of the 4 groups listed below.
      • Uppercase Letters
      • Lowercase Letters
      • Numerals
      • Symbols
    • Do not use the same password for STMA accounts as for personal accounts.
    • If an account or password has been compromised, report the incident to the Help Desk and change all passwords.

Data Backup

  • Our network servers are backed up nightly, Monday through Friday; beginning at 7 PM. Data that is stored on the servers can be restored up to four weeks back.

    What can be recovered?

    Files that are located in your Network Folder (U:), Shared Folders (S:), Student Shared Folders (W: or S:) can typically be recovered. You should also back up your data in Google Drive. Data deleted from your google drive can also be recovered if you are the owner/messages were not in your spam inbox. All documents should be saved to one of these locations for the recovery process is to be used.

    What cannot be recovered?

    Items that cannot be recovered are items saved on the desktop of your computer, on the hard drive of your computer, My Documents or Internet favorites. If you create a file in the morning and then it gets deleted that same afternoon it will not be able to be recovered.

    How far back can data be recovered?

    Data can be recovered up to four weeks back for network folders. Items deleted out of google drive can be recovered up to 25 days after deletion.

    What information is needed to recover the files?

    1. Staff Member Name or Student ID
    2. Location of the file
    3. Name of the file
    4. When was the file deleted?
    5. When was the file created or used last?

    Saving Documents:

    All documents should be saved to a network server (U:  S: or W:), or to your google drive.

    *We cannot guarantee that all documents or folders can be recovered; however, we will do our best!*