• Here are some questions students usually have about our media center. 


    Visting the Media Center

    When are you open?

    Monday-Thursday 7:30-3:30

    Friday 8:00-3:30


    Are you open during lunch

    We are for grades 6-8! Sometimes we're open to anyone, and sometimes we open for students who have signed up for a Lunch Bunch program. We are ALWAYS open at lunch for anyone who has homework they need to work on! 


    Can I come to the library during the day?

    For sure! If your teacher says it's ok and writes you a pass you are welcome to come to the media center to check out a book or get other help. 


    Book Checkout

    How many books can I have checked out at once?

    You may have up to 2 books checked out at once.


    How long can I have a book?

    Our check out length is 2 weeks, but you can renew it for longer. Just come see us (with our without the book), and we'll renew it for you.


    Can I put a book on hold?

    For sure! We have hold request slips for you to fill out on the counter in the media center.


    What if I lose a book?

    Come talk to us right away! We understand things happen, and we'll work together to find the book or decide what to do next. 


    What if I damage a book?

    Again come talk to us right away. We'll figure out together what to do. 



    Are there computers to use in the media center?

    We have 8 desktop computers that are only for homework. You can use them before school, after school and during lunch.


    Can I print?

    Yup :) 


    Can I play games on the computers?

    Sorry but no. They are for homework only. 



    You have lots of stuff out for us to use! Can I take some to use later?

    I ask that all the makerspace items stay in the media center. That way they are available for all students.