Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

  • Who can enroll in STMA Online?

  • When are the enrollment deadlines?

  • Can I drop an STMA Online course?

Payment Questions

  • How much does STMA Online cost?

  • How do I make payments?

  • When will I pay for STMA Online courses?

  • What other costs are there to attend STMA Online?

  • Does my school pay the fees or do I pay the fees?

  • What is the refund policy?

Other Questions

  • Is STMA Online NCAA approved?

  • How Does Edmentum Work?

  • How does an online course look to colleges?

  • My child does not have a computer. Does STMA Online provide one?

  • How do I take mandated testing?

  • Can my student participate in sports and activities?

  • Why would a public school offer online courses?

  • Why should I take an online course?

Program Questions

  • As a supplemental student, can I stay at STMA High School to do my online work?

  • Can I go to school for some of my classes?

  • Will I have an instructor from St. Michael-Albertville Schools?

  • How is instruction given in a STMA Online course?

  • WillI have to login every day?

  • What are the course start and end dates?

  • Will I receive credit for courses I take online?

  • How does grading work with STMA Online?

  • Can a student with an Individualized Learning (IEP) enroll in STMA Online?

  • What is the workload?

  • How many courses can a student take through STMA Online?

  • If I sign up for a summer course and do not finish, can I work on the class in the fall until it is completed?