• A group of community members who are engaged with current legislation happenings and work to educate and advocate for bills that have a direct positive impact on STMA.


    The mission of the STMA Legislative Action Committee (LAT) is to actively advocate for legislation that supports high quality education for all Minnesota students with a focus on issues specific to the STMA School District. In addition, the LAT will inform our community of legislative activities that pertain to public education.


    • Advocate locally and at the Capitol while building relationships with legislators and state leaders.
    • Educate and engage stakeholders in the political process to build grassroots support for students and schools. 

    Goals (Educate, Engage, and Advocate):

    1.  Determine legislative priorities which will have the potential for the greatest positive impact on the STMA community.
    2.  Establish reliable communication channels and advocates within the community.
    3.  Provide education to our community on legislative priorities each session, and how they impact the STMA community.
    4.  Request advocacy from stakeholders when their voices are most needed.

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