Lunch & Recess Schedules 2019-20

  • A complete school lunch is available for $2.60.  Milk can be purchased for $0.45. An adult lunch is $3.95. Adults are welcome any day to join students for lunch. Please call the main office at 763-497-8025 before 9:00 a.m. if you wish to purchase an adult lunch. Second entrees/sides for 4th graders are available for an additional cost. Parents are encouraged to discuss the purchase of “seconds” with their children. Payment for school lunches can be done online through the Food & Nutrition link on our school's site.

    1st Grade Recess 10:33-10:58

    1st Grade Lunch 10:58-11:23


    4th Grade Recess 11:03-11:28

    4th Grade Lunch 11:28-11:53


    3rd Grade Recess 11:30-11:55

    3rd Grade Lunch 11:55-12:20


    2nd Grade Recess 11:58-12:23

    2nd Grade Lunch 12:23-12:48

    Weather permitting, students will go outside. Students are expected to dress appropriately for each season. Parents are encouraged to check the weather and monitor students' dress.