Social Services


    School Social Worker

    Cathy Thomas is the school social worker at Fieldstone and Big Woods Elementary schools. Mrs. Thomas works primarily with students who have special education needs. You can find her contact information, schedule, list of local counseling agencies, and resources for parents and children by visiting her website.

    Elementary School Counselor

    Kristin Karlson is our new Elementary School Counselor. She shares an office with Mrs. Thomas, our School Social Worker. Ms. Karlson's goal is to promote the academic and social/emotional growth of all of our amazing students. She works in partnership with educators and parents to assist students with making positive life choices, cope with difficult life events, appreciate diversity, promote confidence and develop healthy relationships. Ms. Karlson works on a 6 digital day schedule, opposite to Mrs. Thomas. She's at Big Woods Elementary on odd digital days and at Fieldstone Elementary on even digital days. She accesses the same email and voicemail in both buildings. Her telephone number is 763-497-6500. Her extension at Big Woods is ext. 96329 and at Fieldstone is ext. 97325. If you would like to meet in person, it's best to call or email and schedule an appointment.

    Community Resources

    Wright County Social Services provides a starting point to get connected with local community resources and human services.


    Mental Health Information

    MACMH (Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health) has a number of resources to help with children's mental health issues. They also provide "fact sheets" and other resources with information on a variety of mental health symptoms, classroom accommodations and other resources of interest to parents. Please see the MACMH Website.


    Classes for Parents

    Resource, Training, and Solutions based in St. Cloud, MN, provides classes designed for parents and resources from their media center that can be mailed directly to your home for a minimal cost.

    Parenting Workshops
    Media Center Resources (Books, Videos, DVDs)