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    Senior Pictures (Class of 2021)

    Senior and baby photos must be electronically emailed to by Saturday, October 23, 2020. Please include in the subject line “Student name senior/baby photo”. Please attach the best quality photograph possible. If you are unable to submit your photos electronically, we have the resources in the media center before, during, and after school to be able to scan in photos. Seniors who miss this deadline will have their school picture used in place.

    Seniors, please note:

    Senior yearbook portrait guidelines: If you plan on taking pictures outdoors, please be aware that we require a head and shoulder posed shot, so please be conscious of the backdrop. Please do not send in a full body photo, Yearbook reserves the right to crop the photo into a head and shoulder shot. Absolutely no hats or sunglasses photos will be accepted. If you have any questions concerning senior pictures, please contact our yearbook advisor, Katie Sebens.