Teaching and Learning Department

Director of Teaching and Learning

  • Teri Johnson - Director of Teaching and Learning










Curriculum Coordinator

  • Shari Ledahl - Curriculum Coordinator



Curriculum Technology Integration Coordinator

  • Sandi Ferris - Curriculum Technology Integration Coordinator

Testing Coordinator & MARSS Coordinator

  • Jonah Barten -  Testing & MARSS Coordinator

Manager of Special Services

  • Dr. Amy Larkin - Manager of Special Services

Teaching & Learning Department Administrative Assistant

  • Denice Petrowski - Teaching & Learning Department Admin Assistant

  • Teri Johnson
    Director of Teaching & Learning
    763-497-3180 Ext 95531

    The Director of Teaching & Learning is responsible for providing leadership, coordination, and organization for Teaching & Learning Department staff. Department responsibilities include the implementation, planning, coordination, and evaluation of district-wide curriculum, staff development, testing and assessment, new teacher mentorship, and high potential, Title I and English Learner programming at all grade levels. Additional responsibilities include the oversight of Federal Title Grants, the management and implementation of MN Legislative and Federal ESSA requirements, organizing and leading district outreach committees designed for teacher, parent, student, and community input, and communicating district improvement initiatives and results.

    Advisory Committees
        American Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee
        District Advisory Committee (DAC)

    English Learner Programs
        Grades K-12

    Federal Title Grants
        Title I
        Title II
        Title III

    High Potential Programs
        Grades 3-8 Student Identiification
        Grade Level Acceleration Requests

    Staff Development
        District Staff Development Coordination
        St. Mary's Course Offerings

    World's Best Workforce

    Shari Ledahl
    Curriculum Coordinator
    763-497-3180 Ext 95536

    The Curriculum Coordinator is responsible for the implementation, planning, coordination, and evaluation of district-wide curriculum at all grade levels (Early Childhood through Grade 12), and coordinating and facilitating all mentorship support programming for new-to-district staff members.

    - EC-12 Curriculum Review
    - Curriculum Maps
    - Curriculum Capital Outlay
    - MN Common Course Catalog (MCCC)
    - MN Student Survey

    -Reading Well by Third Grade Plan
    - District Mentorship Committee
    - New Teacher Workshop
    - New Teacher Study Groups


    Sandi Ferris
    Curriculum Technology Integration Coordinator
    763-497-3180 Ext 95168

    The Curriculum Technology Integration Coordinator is responsible for facilitating the integration of technology into curriculum and instructional practices district-wide, and provides staff development, leadership and support for staff members.
    - Manages On-line Curriculum Resources
    - Supports Curriculum Adoption of Technology Resources
    Staff Development
    - Facilitates Technology Integration Training Sessions
    - Supports Technology Enhanced Lesson Development
    Technology Integration
    - Leads Building Technology Integration Specialists

    Jonah Barten
    Testing & Assessment Coordinator
    MARSS Coordinator
    763-497-3180 Ext 95505


    The Testing & Assessment Coordinator is responsible for providing leadership and training regarding the collection, dissemination, and analysis of student data, and support for teachers and administrators in the effective use of data to measure student progress and inform and guide instructional practices. The MARSS Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all district MARSS reporting.

    - Coordinates District & Site MARSS Reporting
    Testing & Assessment
    - ACCESS
    - FastBridge Assessments
    - MCA/MTAS
    - NWEA Assessments


    Dr. Amy Larkin
    Manager of Special Services
    763-497-3180 Ext 5507

    The Manager of Special Services is responsible for directing, developing, and providing ongoing leadership, coordination, and supervision of the district’s Special Education services, within established policies and directives of the STMA District and its Special Education Cooperative and any Federal or State applicable laws. Programming oversight includes special education, Section 504, School Health Services, and School Social Work.

    Special Education
    - Provides leadership and coordination of district Special Education services
    District 504 Coordinator
    Homeless Liason





    Denice Petrowski
    Teaching & Learning Department Administrative Assistant
    763-497-3180 Ext 95300

    The Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing clerical support to department staff members to ensure the efficient functioning of the Teaching & Learning Department.