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Is Online Learning Right For My Student?

  • To ensure academic success in online education, your child should have:

    • Maturity to complete tasks with little supervision from the class instructor
    • Motivation to complete work alone when you are not around
    • Time management skills to study and complete assignments
    • Technology skills required to take an online course


    Students who are more successful in an online program are those who:

    • Have completed homework on a consistent basis in a traditional classroom setting
    • Have encouraging supervision at home
    • Have a positive attitude about school
    • Are conscientious and persistent in accomplishing goals

Internet Safety

  • Internet safety is a priority for all our students. At home, it is important to talk with your students about how to be safe while on the web. Here are some tips from Common Sense Media:

    • Never share names, schools, ages, phone numbers, or addresses.
    • Never open an email from a stranger--it may contain viruses that can harm a computer.
    • Never send pictures to strangers or view pictures that strangers send to them.
    • Keep passwords private (except to parents).
    • Tell a trusted adult if something mean or inappropriate happens on the internet.
    • Find additional information at Common Sense Media by age group.
  • For questions please contact:

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    Phone: 763-200-1463



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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Questions

  • As a supplemental student, can I stay at STMA High School to do my online work?

  • Can I go to school for some of my classes?

  • Will I have an instructor from St. Michael-Albertville Schools?

  • How is instruction given in a STMA Online course?

  • WillI have to login every day?

  • What are the course start and end dates?

  • Will I receive credit for courses I take online?

  • How does grading work with STMA Online?

  • Can a student with an Individualized Learning (IEP) enroll in STMA Online?

  • What is the workload?

  • How many courses can a student take through STMA Online?

  • If I sign up for a summer course and do not finish, can I work on the class in the fall until it is completed?

Registration Questions

  • Who can enroll in STMA Online?

  • When are the enrollment deadlines?

  • Can I drop an STMA Online course?

Payment Questions

  • How much does STMA Online cost?

  • How do I make payments?

  • When will I pay for STMA Online courses?

  • What other costs are there to attend STMA Online?

  • Does my school pay the fees or do I pay the fees?

  • What is the refund policy?

Other Questions

  • How Does Edmentum Work?

  • How does an online course look to colleges?

  • My child does not have a computer. Does STMA Online provide one?

  • How do I take mandated testing?

  • Can my student participate in sports and activities?

  • Why would a public school offer online courses?

  • Why should I take an online course?