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Tuesday, February 16

Good morning!!  It’s Tuesday, February 16th and it is an In Person day for all students.

Video Announcements

  • Welcome back 6th, 7th, and 8th graders! We are excited to have everyone in the building! Team A for each grade will have first lunch this week and Team B will have second lunch. 6th-8th graders, you will learn more about how lunches will work in your SEL lesson today.

  • Six students from East and five students from West competed in the MATHCOUNTS Chapter Competition February 5-6.  This year the competition was online. Congratulations to Ethan J. who qualified to compete in the next round, the Chapter Invitational  on February 25.

  • Students who are in band AND choir - This week is a band week, meaning you only attend band lessons. The following week will be a choir week, meaning you only attend choir lessons. Check Google Classroom if you forget what week it is!

  • Here is our Monday Math Question: There is a three digit number. The second digit is four times as big as the third digit, while the first digit is three less than the second digit. What is the number?   Answer: 141

  • The hot lunch option is beef nachos with lettuce shreds, tomatoes, corn, refried beans, dinner roll, and mixed fruit. The cold lunch option is a bento box southwest chicken salad with fritos and diced pears. Both lunch lines will offer the same options, and lunches are free for all enrolled students.

  • The temperature is below zero, so we will be indoors for recess. Indoor recess will be in your classroom. Please continue to maintain social distance, keep personal devices put away, and follow the rules of your classroom. Team A will eat lunch first and then return to their classrooms for recess. Team B will stay in their rooms for recess and then go to lunch. Students that are in their ALB classes before lunch will return to the pod for recess. Teachers can pick up activity packets from the office for students to use during indoor recess.

Have a great day!