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Wednesday, February 17

Good morning!!  It’s Wednesday, February 17th and it is an In Person day for all students.

Video Announcements

  • Wrestlers will change quickly after school and catch a bus to West at 3:05 pm in the bus lot today through the end of the week.

  • Boys Basketball has its first game of the season on Friday against West. Because of space and social distancing requirements, fans will not be allowed to attend games, but we are planning to stream the games live. More information to come about the link.

  • Students who are in band AND choir - This week is a band week, meaning you only attend band lessons. The following week will be a choir week, meaning you only attend choir lessons. Check Google Classroom if you forget what week it is!

  • Here is Wednesday Would You Rather: Would you rather have school all year with breaks often or school with a summer break?

  • The hot lunch option is grilled cheese, tomato soup, crinkle cut fries, and diced pears. The cold lunch option is a bento box pizza kit with broccoli and mixed fruit. Both lunch lines will offer the same options, and lunches are free for all enrolled students. There are no seconds offered at this time

  • The temperature is below zero, so we will be indoors for recess. Indoor recess will be in your classroom. Please continue to maintain social distance, keep personal devices put away, and follow the rules of your classroom. Team A will eat lunch first and then return to their classrooms for recess. Team B will stay in their rooms for recess and then go to lunch. Students that are in their ALB classes before lunch will return to the pod for recess.

  • Looking at tomorrow’s weather forecast, we will be going outside for recess. Please make sure to dress for the weather in a coat, hat, and gloves. If students come unprepared to go outside for recess, we will be calling home to help you be more prepared for the next day. 

  • Here are our Student of the Month winners for February. Students, please go to Mr. Hilden’s room (B210) to have your picture taken right after announcements.

    • Everett A. 5th A

    • Giselle D. 5th B

    • Izzy S. 5th ALB

    • Julia B. 6th A

    • Judah L. 6th B

    • Audrey P.  6th ALB

    • Lindsey D. 7th A

    • Ronak A. 7th B

    • Jacob G. 7th ALB

    • Maggie B.  8th A

    • Brady G. 8th B

    • Jacey S. 8th ALB

    • Emma K. 5-8 RH (7th grade)

Have a great day!