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Thursday, February 18

Good morning!!  It’s Thursday, February 18th and it is an In Person day for all students.

Video Announcements

  • The Thursday session of Youth Matters has been moved to Friday this week due to conferences. Please plan to attend on Friday if you normally attend on Thursdays.

  • Boys Basketball has its first game of the season on Friday against West. In order to allow two registered fans per player, 7th grade will play here at East and 8th grade will play at West. 8th grade players will catch a shuttle to West at 3:30pm on Friday for a 4:00 start time.

  • Here is your Thursday Think It Through Question: You can touch me, but I can’t touch you back. You can see me, but I only reflect you and can never reject you. What am I? Answer: mirror 

  • The hot lunch option is turkey gravy with mashed potatoes, a dinner roll, mixed veggies, and applesauce. The cold lunch option is a chicken ranch salad with a dinner roll and applesauce. Both lunch lines will offer the same options, and lunches are free for all enrolled students. There are no seconds offered at this time

  • The temperature is above zero, so we will be out front for recess.  Please continue to maintain social distance, keep personal devices put away, stay on your side of the bus lot, and stay off of snow banks. Team A will eat lunch first and then go out front through the main doors for recess. Team B will start at recess using the doors between the 6th and 7th grade pods and then go to lunch. Make sure to dress for the cold with a coat, hat, and gloves. Students who are not dressed for the weather should report to the office to work with an administrator to call home.

  • Knights Honor is a set of core values that we at MSE share. When students demonstrate Safety, Respect, Honesty, or Citizenship, staff submit their names for Knights’ Honor which enters the student in the Knights Honor weekly drawing. Our winners should come to the office after announcements to pick up their coupon for a free scoop of custard at Culver’s.


5th grader, Rylan M. demonstrated Citizenship; Mrs. Swanson recognized Rylan because he made a birthday card for a classmate. It was easy to tell that the birthday card totally brightened his classmate's day and was a great way to spread kindness.

6th grader, Bryce V. demonstrated Citizenship; Mr. Sartori had this to say about her: I could not figure out how to make a

digital activity accessible to students and you did not hesitate to do it on paper and send me a picture of your work! Wow! I’m impressed!

7th grader, Mallory S. demonstrated Citizenship; Mr. Huggins recognized her because Mallory does a great job of participating in class even though it is a challenge to do during a Google Meet.

8th grader, Jack M. demonstrated Citizenship; Mrs. Pack recognized him because Jack is always at SEL and class digital meets with his camera on and ready to participate. He makes virtual teaching much more enjoyable for me!

Have a great day!