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Thursday, September 22nd

  • Students report to the following hours for Responsive Hour Today for Class Meetings:

    • 5th Graders will report to 4th Hour Teacher

    • 6th Graders will report to 4th Hour Teacher

    • 7th Graders will report to 7th Hour Teacher

    • 8th Graders will report to 7th Hour Teacher

  • Next week is Homecoming Week. Here are the Dress Up Days!


  • High School students will be here during all lunches to sell Knights merchandise today & Friday this week!! Items include rally gear (tattoos, lanyards, pom poms) & apparel, airpod cases, etc. If you might like to purchase something during lunch, bring money!

  • We have another busy afternoon for Middle School Sports.

  • Boys and Girls Cross Country is heading to Buffalo for a meet today. Boys run at 4:00 and Girls run at 4:10. Runners will be dismissed from class at 2:15 to catch the bus at 2:30 from the phy ed hallway doors.

  • 7th grade Volleyball is heading to Monticello for side by side matches starting at 4:00. Players will catch the bus at 3:25 from the phy ed hallway doors.

  • 8th grade Volleyball hosts Monticello starting at 3:45 pm. A and B will play at the same time.

  • Girls Tennis is heading to Princeton for a 4:00 match. Players will catch the bus at 3:15 from the phy ed hallway doors.

  • 7th grade Football hosts Princeton starting at 4:30 today. The B team will play followed by the A team.

  • 8th grade Football heads to Princeton for a 4:30 game. Players will catch the bus along with Tennis at 3:15 from the phy ed hallway doors.

  • Boys Soccer hosts North Branch today starting at 4:30 pm. The STMA Gold team will play and the Blue team will not practice.

  • Attention students, the Bus Safety test needs to be completed on your grade level Google Classroom by the end of today. To pass, you need to earn a score of at least 16.

  • Conservation Crew is a student-led extracurricular school program for middle schoolers. Rooted in service learning, students develop leadership skills by designing and implementing conservation projects to impact their schools and communities.  Open to grades 5-8, we will be meeting twice a month after school on Thursdays from 3:10-4:00 to design, create, and implement a project for our school grounds!  We hope to see you!  

If interested, sign up with the 7th grade science teacher, Mr. Jeffery.  There will be a signup sheet outside his door for you to fill out.  Our first meeting will be Thursday, September 29.

  • We will be out back for recess today. 

  • The main entree is chicken alfredo over pasta with a breadstick.

  • The pizza options are pepperoni, cheese, or buffalo chicken pizza.

  • The sides are steamed stir-fried veggies, romaine salad, assorted vegetables, assorted fruits, canned peaches, and milk.

Have a great day, Middle School East!!!